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Professional Lecture Series

Nutrition Immunology



Great Lakes Arthritis Foundation
Saturday, November 8, 2014
Crowne Plaza Columbus North, Columbus Ohio
Nutrition and Arthritis: Is Your Food Making You Sick?
All seats sold out (apologies, please try next year)

Food Allergies, Food Intolerances and Food Sensitivities

Strong Woman

Speaker: Michal Hogan RD, LD, CLT
Wednesday September 25, 2013 
Mount Carmel College of Nursing Lounge

IV Annual OVIFT Symposium:

New Frontiers in Food Microbiology:
Making Friends with Microbes
March 8, 2012 at the 4H building.

Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Staff Training for Diet and Autism
October 16th @ 1 pm

Food Sensitivities Niche for Private Practice Seminar

Ohio Dietitians in Consulting Symposium
October 21, 2011 BGSU Campus

Ohio State University, College of Medicine, School of Allied Medical Professions, Medical Dietetics- Guest Lecture on Delayed-Type Hypersensitivities- Senior Class


Feb 13, 2009--- School of Allied Medical Professions

Feb 12, 2010---- School of Allied Medical Professions

I must put a plug in for my old alma mater--- the Medical Dietitics Program is the absolute BEST program to enroll your young student.  The coordination of the internship and the use of the best lecturers and experience helps give your young person the best chance of completing their studies to the attainment of the coveted Ohio license!  Go Buckeyes!

School of Allied Medical Professions The Ohio State University College of Medicine proudly presents:

Cap and Diploma

The Twelfth
Martha Nelson Lewis Conference
(Martha Nelson Lewis was founder of Medical Dietetics at OSU and the first Coordinated Undergraduate Program in US)

September 9, 2008
112 Meiling Hall
The Ohio State University
College of Medicine
370 W. 9th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Indiana Dietetic Association

April 17, 2008

Franklin County Medical Assistants

Dec 1, 2007


Dietetic Association
April 8, 2008