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Grain Products, Grain Substitutions, and Recipes for Unusual Grains:

Bob's Red Mill
Arrowhead Mills

Cereal Products:

Attune Foods

Grass-fed, Free-range, Antibiotic-free Meats:

U.S. Wellness Meats

Organic Products:

Health Valley Organic

Energy Bars, Barley Coffee, and More:


Substitutions for Everyday Food Items:

The Cook's Thesaurus
Colorado State University Extension

Low Protein and Gluten-free Selections:


Milk-free, High Calorie, and/or High Protein:


Baking Powder Substitutes: 

Hain-Ingredients: Monocalcium phosphate, potato starch, potassium bicarbonate. 
Ener-G Double-Acting: Sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, potato starch, monocalcium phosphate
Mrs Roben's: sodium acid pyrophosphate, baking soda, potato starch, sodium bicarbonate

Dried Fruits and Vegetables:

Karen's Naturals: A great way to construct your own pilaf without the extra additives and preservatives; Organic options available

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Michal Hogan, RD, LD, CLT has been a nutrition counselor for over 15 years, focusing her practice the last 4 years on the testing and therapy for delayed food and food additive hypersensitivities. She has received over 500 nationwide referrals from fibromyalgia clinics, migraine clinics, pain clinics.